~Vedic Astrology Special Offer~

What is in store for you for this year? When are the best times to make a change or to be patient? Astrology is so much more than just a personality profile, it is like a map that gives landmarks, guideposts and helps you to take the right path for you as you move through your life. Your session with Stefanie will help you feel in alignment with your true path, give you dates and periods to look for and help you to understand past events and patterns.

InSight-Astrology is offering a discount for Astrological Consultation through the end of February, 2019. 

1.5 hr chart consultation – including natal chart, dasha cycle and transit  $88 (regularly $110)

1 hr chart reading or consultation $60 (regularly $75)

30 min consultation, transits or dasha cycle $30 (regularly $40)

Relationship charts for 2 people (includes natal chart discussion) $130 (regularly $140)

Relationship charts are useful to help relate with someone better. They are extremely helpful for parent/child, romantic partnerships, siblings and even friendships. If you are wanting to understand how you can improve an existing relationship or how best to respond to someone to prevent negative interactions you will find this session invaluable.