Acupuncture can treat a variety of imbalances or dis-ease states from insomnia to digestive problems. Frequently, Chinese herbs are used in conjunction with acupuncture especially for long-standing imbalances.

Colorpuncture combines acupuncture and different frequencies of light on points on the body. Like acupuncture it is an effective treatment for various issues. Color can be used alone on the body for people who prefer no needles or for children. The overall result is greater awareness, and healing for body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Guided meditation
Learning to center oneself is an invaluable technique and one that is not utilized nearly enough. Being guided to a place of stillness, your own center can assist you in your healing no matter what the  issue. Ultimately, it creates deep relaxation that can allow for greater healing.

Sound Healing
Specific frequencies of tuning forks are used to balance the body internally and externally. The tuning forks are placed both on and around the body creating a profound feeling of relaxation physically and mentally.

Nutrition and Herbs
Diet and nutrition are vital to our health and well-being. Understanding which foods heal and which foods harm can be an important step to improving your life. Both Western and Eastern herbs and nutritional guidance are used to bring you to optimal health.

Asian Bodywork
Tui Na is a Chinese style massage that uses different techniques based on your symptoms and body constitution. Massage, stretching or range of motion is often used during an acupuncture or energy healing as Stefanie is guided.

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