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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Health Now!

good foodSpringtime is a good time to give yourself a tune-up and improve your health and vitality. Here are just a few easy things you can do to take those first steps towards optimal health!

  1. Stop eating junk food and enjoy some carrots and apples instead. Carrots and apples are high in all sorts of vitamins and phytonutrients to help your body detoxify and build health. Eating any fruits and vegetables over processed foods, especially breads is always a good idea. Carrots and apples are easy on-the-go foods that you can eat anywhere and require no preparation. Remember choose nutrient dense foods for maximum health benefits.
  2. Stop drinking coffee and sodas- drink water and teas instead. Soda has no health benefit whatsoever, and is in fact detrimental to your health. Both regular soda and Sugar-free sodas with artificial sweeteners are like feeding your body poison. Coffee has health benefits but in excess or daily coffee can create an acidic condition in the body.  The body can benefit from herbal teas or even green or black teas in moderation. Herbal teas provide minerals and phytonutrients that can improve health. For example, tulsi or holy basil is an adaptogenic herb which can help you handle stress better or ginger is a warming herb that helps with digestion. In the heat of Arizona, drinking plain water when sweating will not replace lost minerals. Drinking herbal teas can replenish in ways that plain water cannot.
  3. Take a walk. Walking moves lymph, helps digestion and relaxes the mind. Just walking around the block after dinner can improve your health instead of sitting on the sofa. When you move your lymph you are also helping toxins to be eliminated from the body. If you find it difficult to walk around the block try Qi Gong moving meditation. There are many videos on youtube that can get you started. Moving other parts of the body helps move lymph, too.
  4. Love yourself. Most people don’t spend enough time feeling positive about themselves but are very good at criticizing themselves. What you say and how you feel are vital to your health. If you are feeling down take a moment to look at the sky, feel the breeze, listen to the birds and remember there is beauty in life. Find something positive to say to yourself each day (more than once!),
  5. Spend one week taking liver detox herbs or one day fasting with teas, broth and/or juice or eat only raw foods for one day (or more). We all change the oil in our cars but how many of you flush your own system? For optimal health, take a break from heavy foods like meat, dairy, grains. Spend one day or one week eating only raw food or vegetarian food, includes, fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds. While you take a break from hard to digest foods it’s a good time to take liver herbs such as Liver Gallbladder formula from Dr. Schulze or Healthy Liver from HerbPharm. Liver flushes can be done quarterly or more frequently if recommended by and under the supervision of an herbalist.

You might be amazed at how much better you feel just from following these 5 simple steps to better health.