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Living in the Present Moment

“Be in the Present.” We have all heard these words of wisdom but there seems to be confusion on how to implement such a seemingly simple task. I often hear concerns of how scheduling and taking care of the many tasks that modern day life supplies us with will take place if we do not look to the future. I assure you that one can live in the present and still live in the modern, material oriented world. But if one never meditates then it will be very difficult to leave the demands of the world behind and be in the present moment!

What does it mean to be in the present moment? What does it feel like? Peace. Connection to one’s Higher Self. Knowingness that all is well. Absence or significant decrease in thoughts. There is nothing one ‘needs’ to do. When something does need attention and action then it is just done without prior worry, anxiety or concern.

When we are in the present moment we are actually more efficient. We can allow a knowingness to come to us, guiding us moment by moment in the things we have to do. There is no longer a worry about this and that but we can quietly and confidently know that all will get done in it’s right time. In choosing to be in the present moment we are also accepting that there is a Higher Awareness operating in our life. One can look to that Higher Awareness as God, the Higher Self, Angels, Guides, etc. Whatever name you give it it is All-knowing and what we connect with when we still the mind through meditation or mindfulness.

The bliss, stillness, peacefulness that many of you have commented on after a session with me or during meditation can be sustained. Meditation/Mindfulness is a state that we can experience with our eyes open, moving through life. It takes an intention, a commitment on your part. In order to change the path, a new path must be created. This must be done through continually pulling the thoughts away from the habitual path and redirecting them in a new, healthier way. Be consistent and you will see results. The deeper the groove the longer it takes to fill in but it does happen and you can experience change in a relatively short period of time. After all, if you have spent 30 years thinking a certain way are you going to give up after 2 weeks? Give it time!

Here are some tips on your path of the Present:

– Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes but preferably more. If you have never meditated then sit still, feel your feet, your body. Do not focus on thoughts or words but observe them and let them pass. If needed, focus on the word Peace, or another mantra, every few minutes.

– When you notice your thoughts moving to the past or future, bring your awareness to your breath, soles of feet, top of head.

– At various times of the day bring attention to the top of your head and breathe light through your spine from top of head to tailbone.

– Let go of the idea of achievement. Let go of goals- even the goal of being more peaceful! Just be and love yourself for where you are, every step of the way.

– Be Thankful! Bring the mind to Love and Gratitude, Feel it and Be it.

– Find a mantra that appeals to you and use it whenever you can, throughout the day. Repeating a mantra silently can hasten your progress in eliminating old thought patterns. If you need assistance in finding a mantra I can help you. A few to start with include:

Om Vajra Sattwa Hung (Tibetan- for creating mental clarity)

Om Namah Shivaya (Sanskrit – Om and Salutations, May the elements of this creation abide in me in full manifestation/To that which I am capable of becoming- the path of perfection)

Sat Chid Ekam Brahma (Sanskrit – Truth, Consciousness, Only One, Creator-Creation/Cosmos)

So Hum (Sanskrit – balances autonomic nervous system and the masculine/feminine within you)

Shanti (Sanskrit- Peace)


Many Blessings to You on your Path~

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi