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Healing Your Liver

The human body is quite amazing when we think of the healing it is able to accomplish. Even a person with the most the most challenging of lifestyles can turn their health around fairly quickly when they put their effort into it. All of our organs work together to keep us free from disease but the liver has a key job. Everything that we ingest, contact with our skin or breathe in is filtered by the liver (and kidneys), which means that the more chemicals we are exposed to in foods, water, air and environment, the greater the burden on the liver (and kidneys). When the liver is not functioning optimally it may affect many processes including: digestion of fats, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood clotting, protein synthesis, immune function, hormonal balance and ability to clear the body of toxic substances.

If you are concerned about the health of your liver, here are some steps to take to improve your health. When doing a cleanse it is recommended that you use liver cleansing herbs and foods for one week followed by kidney cleansing herbs and foods for one week. If you have known liver inflammation or other serious illness then repeat the cycle of liver herbs, then kidney herbs for a total of four weeks of cleansing.

  • Begin your day with organic grapefruit juice – fresh if possible, or fresh organic lemon water.
  • Use Liver cleansing herbal tinctures like: Dr. Schulze’s LV/GB formula and Detox formula
  • For Kidney cleansing herbal tinctures use: Dr. Schulze’s KI/BL formula and Echinacea
  • Eat a vegetarian diet with lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables including fresh vegetable juice.
  • Specific vegetables for liver health include: bitter greens like arugula, dandelion, kale, collards, beets with beet greens, burdock root to name a few.

For more specific information on how to do a liver cleanse, how to prepare a tincture or the morning citrus drink see the blog post “How to Cleanse Your Liver with Herbs”.