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Astrology: The Roadmap of Your Life

astrology copyMost people associate astrology with the little horoscope in the paper which I liken to a weather report- it’s not very specific and in some cases may not even apply. Astrology can offer so much more. Imagine the moment you are born there is a magnetic imprint of the heavens on your being. For example, the constellation on the eastern horizon is your ascendant (house of self), the constellation setting in the west is your descendant (house of other), the planets and constellation directly overhead affect your midheaven (house of status/career/society) and what is directly below you on the other side of Earth is the nadir/IC (house of home/inner life, emotions). As the planets continue to move around us their magnetic pull continues, sometimes feeling good and sometimes not. Imagine that we are perfect when we are born, yet we lose sight of that perfection as we grow and compare ourselves to others and experience the world. The planets are constantly tugging on us to remember our perfect alignment, to shift and grow, to let go of old ways of being that are not in alignment with who we really are.

In Vedic astrology, the astrology of India and perhaps even the root of astrology, there are planetary cycles that we all move through from birth to death. The order of these cycles depends on where the moon is when we are born. I have found these cycles to be very accurate. It is like a syllabus for life, telling us what the subject is, when we have to study hard, when we have a break for some fun, when we need to buckle down and get through the final exams. Imagine how much more challenging a college course would be if there were no syllabus! And now see how valuable such information can be when moving through life, especially if we are dealing with challenging planetary pulls.

Knowing whether to act or to wait something out can create a lot of inner stress. We always have a choice in life but knowing how the planetary cycles are unfolding can give insight into when the difficulty will pass or where our focus will go from here, thereby helping us to make decisions in the present moment.

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