Staying Centered

It can be challenging to stay centered during times of conflict whether it is internal conflict, or chaos in your environment. Practicing a few techniques can help you stay grounded . Learning to find your own internal stillness does take meditation and practice. It’s not really about having absolutely no thought but rather being able to feel calm and still in order to listen to your own internal voice.

Make time for at least 15 minutes of quiet in your day. Even 5-10 minutes blocks of time can be helpful. Often the time that you are still increases on it’s own- for example, you may plan to sit for 5 minutes and suddenly you realize that it was 10 or 20.

Allow thoughts to move through without focusing on them. Just bring awareness to your thoughts, observing them rather than becoming involved and carried away with them.

Use a mantra (peace, contentment, om namah shivaya, OM, etc) or visual like light in the center of your head or opening the energy centers at the base of tailbone, lower and upper abdomen, heart, throat, forehead and top of head. The chakras on the torso are front and back while the crown and root are single.  When using a mantra, repeat about every 3 minutes or when you find your mind has become engaged in a thought rather than the observer of the thought. Stefanie can help you find a mantra that suits your needs.

Visualize your energy field as a column of light. This column should be about 2-3 feet around you on all sides (or where it feels comfortable), extending infinitely above your head to source energy and infinitely below your feet through the center of the earth. Bring a second column around the first 2-3 inches away from source energy.

If these visuals are difficult you can also see yourself as a tree with a deep tap root (preferably to the center of the earth) and canopy extending up and out around you. Feel yourself drawing in energy and nutrients from the earth and collecting the powerful sunlight. Trees only need to be- they don’t have to do anything. Just their presence provides shelter and nourishment to other creatures. This can be a good meditation for those of you who are focussing too much on others and allowing yourself to get depleted. Use this time to replenish yourself!

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