Nourishing the Spleen

The spleen meridian runs from the outer part of the big toe, along the inside edge of the foot, up the inside of the leg, over the abdomen and outer edge of the chest, and ends on the side of the chest midway between the axilla and lower edge of ribs.


Your spleen may be out of balance if:


  • You are not getting proper rest
  • You think or worry excessively
  • Your diet consists of a lot of grains, especially processed grains like bread made of wheat flour
  • You consume a lot of milk and cheese
  • You use sugar daily or regularly eat items with sugar as an ingredient
  • You feel fatigued easily or have a heavy feeling in your body
  • You don’t digest your food well, have a poor appetite, or loose stool
  • You tend to gain weight around the middle
  • Your brain feels foggy or sluggish


To nourish your spleen and increase Qi (energy), try the following:


  • Eat more fresh fruits and lightly cooked vegetables
  • Include ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, clove and other warming spices in your diet
  • Avoid sugar, breads and grains (except millet, amaranth and quinoa in moderation)
  • Try substituting unsweetened organic rice, soy, almond or hemp milk for diary milk
  • Get adequate sleep and light exercise daily
  • Try meditation to reduce worry and excessive thinking



If you are still feeling symptoms after eliminating wheat and dairy from your diet, increasing fruits and vegetables and adding light to moderate exercise then you may benefit from acupuncture and/or herbs. When the diet has been heavy in grains, sugar and dairy one can often benefit from a short herbal cleanse of black walnut and other herbs (try Gaia Wormwood Black Walnut Supreme tincture).