Nourishing the Liver

The liver meridian runs from the inner part of the big toe, over the top of the foot, up the inside of the leg, over the abdomen and ends at the center of the 5th rib, almost halfway up the front of the ribcage.


Your liver may be out of balance if:


  • You feel stressed
  • You are frequently feeling frustrated or irritated
  • You are depressed
  • You are experiencing anger
  • You drink more than 2-4 oz of wine, 1 beer, or ½ ounce of liquor more than 3 days per week. Amounts of alcohol larger than this damage the liver and cause the liver stress.
  • You are waking between 1 and 3 am
  • You have dry eyes or floaters
  • You have pre-menstrual symptoms


To nourish your liver and move liver energy, try the following:


  • Get regular moderate exercise like walking briskly, yoga, etc.
  • Eat a leafy green vegetable daily- like kale, collards, chard, mustard, dandelion, arugula and beets with greens.
  • Use oil and vinegar on your salads or other in other dishes. Or just take a tablespoon of raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar daily or drink Kombucha.
  • Find an appropriate way to express emotions like anger, frustration and irritation.
  • Drink a chicory beverage instead of coffee.
  • Avoid greasy or fried foods and alcohol
  • Consider doing a liver flush.
  • Try meditation or visualization. See yourself accomplishing something meaningful to you or meditate on feeling expansive.


Acupuncture can help you reset your liver but taking charge of your health by following the above suggestions can help you get back in balance more quickly.