Guided Meditation and Energy Balancing

Bringing your awareness inward is the first step towards inner peace. Our fast paced, technological environment does not encourage us to look within but rather to run from one distraction to another. Learning a few simple meditative techniques can help you to alleviate anxieties and fears, calm your mind, encourage better sleep and keep your mind clear for better learning and greater efficiency. 

Energy balancing involves using the hands in the space around the body, as well as on the physical body in order to remove dense energy, old emotions, or to bring in healing light. You may be guided through a meditation to release or to bring in whatever is needed to bring you back into balance.

Just as a stringed instrument may require a professional to tune it, you may need assistance in clearing more difficult issues. However, in order for you to stay clear and balanced it is necessary to learn a few techniques for you to “tune” yourself. After each session, when indicated,  you will receive instructions on visualizations, affirmations, or meditations that may assist you to stay in balance and to keep yourself in balance.

This is one example of how InSight Healing can empower you and give you control over your own well-being.

Stefanie Lischer Liers MAOM, LAc, RN InSight-Healing Acupuncture, Colorpuncture, Herbs, Wellness Tucson, AZ

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