Colorpuncture and Esogetic Medicine

Colorpuncture is a system of healing that uses colored light on acupuncture points and other points on the body to send a healing message to the body. Each color within the spectrum of visible light carries a specific frequency as do vibrations outside the visible spectrum like ultra-violet and far-infra red. These frequencies enter the body and communicate with the cells they come into contact with. For example, far-infra red (FIR) is well documented in its ability to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. 

Colorpuncture can be used to treat a myriad of problems from various disease processes to colds, allergies, and emotional disturbances such as anxiety or fear. It is the primary mode of treatment that Stefanie uses for children as it can be done without needles. It can also be very effective to open internal psychological blocks that are preventing personal growth.

Esogetic medicine and Colorpuncture was developed by Dr. Peter Mandel, a German Naturopath and acupuncturist in the 1970′s and was taught to the first group of practitioners in the early 80′s.

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