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astrology copyAstrology is a tool to help us understand ourselves at a deeper level and give us guidance on our life path. We are born with a certain blueprint for life that shows us our areas of strength and challenges. It also can show us what planetary energies are working for us at any particular time. This can be helpful to know when making decisions so that we don’t put our effort towards a path that is blocked.

Stefanie also does charts for children including relationship charts with parents and siblings. This is valuable information that can give you tremendous insight into the life path of your child. Understanding how your child perceives and interacts with the world can be invaluable when dealing with infant or teenager. Mantras, colors, or gems are also recommended when needed.

Charts are primarily done in the Vedic style although for relationship charts both Western and Vedic are used. An initial chart reading is best done in a 1.5 hr consultation. Follow-ups for dasha cycle and transits can be as short as 30 minutes.

Consultations can be done in person or via Skype. Birth date, time, and place are required. Accuracy of time is important for Vedic charts.

1.5 hr chart consultation – including natal chart, dasha cycle and transit  $110

1 hr chart reading or consultation $75

30 min consultation, transits or dasha cycle $40

Relationship charts for 2 people (includes natal chart discussion) $140


Stefanie Lischer Liers MAOM, LAc, RN InSight-Healing Acupuncture, Colorpuncture, Herbs, Wellness Tucson, AZ

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