Abdominal acupuncture and massage

Over the past year I have been drawn to working more on the belly, studying Dr. Bo’s abdominal acupuncture and Mantak Chia’s Chi Nei Tsang. According to Chinese medicine the navel is where the qi for each of the organ originates during embryonic development and it is the place where our essence or source qi can be found in the Dan Tian, just behind and below the navel. Western science has determined that there is more nerve tissue in the gut than in the brain and the majority of the neurotransmitter serotonin is actually produced there. We have phrases like ‘gut feeling’ or the feeling of fear or anxiety felt in the gut. People can hold a lot of emotion in their abdomen, this holding can create stagnation or blockages in energy flow, nerve and vascular flow and ultimately lead to organ or meridian disfunction. Acupuncture and massage to the abdomen can be extremely helpful for physical or emotional issues.

Abdominal acupuncture uses the abdomen as a reflex area for the entire body. I have found the¬†abdominal reflex zone to be helpful to speed healing and alleviating pain in any part of the body. As I palpate the patient’s abdomen I feel for areas in the problem region, quite often it is tender in just that location. I find that acupuncture followed by massage is most beneficial. Acute symptoms or injuries are best treated as soon as possible for fastest results.